Every Card I Have

by Jon Meyer

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released December 3, 2009



all rights reserved


Jon Meyer Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Lead
There's a clock above my bed
That's been stuck on 10:27
Since I took a hammer to a nail
and placed it on the wall

There are books that I have read
All the way up to chapter 7
but I could no find the time
to take the story to the end

Everywhere I turn
I see a work I've left undone
and if I keep this pattern up
I fear the life that I will lead

There's a rhythm to this life
I get ahead and fall behind
I have wasted so much time
on all these ordinary things

but you keep giving me this chance
to make it right and now I understand
but I must do all that I can
and be the man I need to be

I know there's more to this life
so I'll push my past to the side
and forgive myself
and use the time that's left
to turn this around
Track Name: I'll Be Around
Don't worry about your past
Don't' worry about your future
The pain you feel won't last
There will be better days
and I won't turn my back
I will fight with all I have for you
until we see this through

You carried the road through the hardest part
Through everything I'm gonna make you see
That you won't walk it alone through the darkest dark
I will surround you with my love until you've found
I'll be around

I will keep searching for the words
and I guarantee I'll say too much
but you will know I'm trying
trying to make you see
that everything's not lost
You can take back all you've had before
and there can be so much more

Your burden is heavy
but your not alone
I'll be there to carry you
till you're safely home
I'll be around
Track Name: You Move Me
Eloquence is not a strength of mine
I have proved this many times
words that come so naturally to you
never seem to cross my mind

You move me
like the words to my favorite song
You bruise me
like the hit from a wrecking ball
You confuse me
is there anything at all
that I can say to make you stay

I remember well the day the month the year
when you first arrived
standing 'neath the oak tree in the park
you caught more than just my eye
you caught more than just my eye

You deserve the finest words that I could never write
No poet on the earth could get it right
Track Name: Give My Heart A Break
My friend did say I should give my heart a break
cause she can see how you got the best of me
I dropped my guard I played every card I had
Now that it's done I wish I could have them back
I must have looked the fool as I said those things to you
but what else could I do

You took it all in stride
You never blinked an eye
I guess that you have heard all this before
I'm no good at vulnerability
It does not come so naturally
I stumbled over all I had rehearse
and as you turned to walk away
I remember that my friend did say
It's time to give my heart a break

I can't regret I did what I thought was best
I can't tell you why I always feel the need
to get this weight up off my chest
I know in time I will get you off my mind
but for now I can't stop thinking of
how different it would be if you were mine

It's so hard to wait
on all the things I think I need
when all I really need is the patience
to wait and see
Track Name: If You're Gonna Leave Then Leave
My words don't come out as they should
I'd write you a letter if I could
Maybe words aren't what you need
If you have the answer then tell me please
I walk through this house alone
It's been 16 months since you've been gone
You're ribbon's still tied to the kitchen chair
I should take it off, but I leave it there

I miss you
do you miss me too

I always knew it end this way
If you're gonna leave then leave you'd always say
I thought I had your heart but it was never mine
I kept telling myself it get better with time
now I walk down this street at night
Wearing your overcoat that never fit me right
Maybe I'll give it back someday
and get the ribbon I left
or maybe just stay

I miss you
do you miss me too
Track Name: The Morning Will Come
For all who have burdens and fear in this life
For all who have worries and doubt on their mind
Breathe in the chill, breathe in the night
and trust that the morning will come

When defeat and retreat are all that you know
Saying goodbye and letting go
Stand tall and face the bitter cold
and trust that the morning will come

After all of your searching and all of your tears
and all of the nights that filled you with fear
no, you're not alone, you're never alone
Trust that the morning will come

Redemption must flow from the innocent blood
That covers your sorrow with mercy and love
But it can't be easy, so endure the flood
and trust that the morning will come
Track Name: Holy Calling



Track Name: Show Me The Way
Backed in a corner, losing the fight
Nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide
Guilty of living life on my own
Foolish and stubborn with nothing to show

Loosen the strings that hold me place
Quiet the voices that pull me away
Rid me of every reason to stay
Cause I know You only can show me the way
I know You only can show me the way

I've watched from the fringes
Covered my eyes
Neglected the captive, the poor, and the blind
Embarrassed to show you the work that I've done
So much has been given with little return

I wish that I could do all this again
But it does me no good to say what might have
This world from Your hands will continue to spin
So better off I'll be the day
When I trust that You only can show me the way
Track Name: The Water Finds The Roots
Though the sun may rise behind the clouds
and fall as quickly as it came
and you may never see the light of day
through the cover of the rain

Underneath the earth the thirst is quenched
By the steady flood of truth
Though your eyes are on the consequence
The water finds the roots

No one can replace the love you've lost
a heart must heal in it's own time
No reason can explain the cost
Though the well meaning will try

When it seems there is no answer
To the heartache that you feel
Know that earth can bring no sorrow
That heaven cannot heal